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1.Product Description
Full range standard sizes of V-belt pulleys, taper bore pulleys and adjustable speed pulleys and other unstandard sizes according to samples or drawings available on request.
2.Product Spectification
v-belt pulleys are available in all groove sizes from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 grooves, small and large bores both lightweight and heavy duty for multiple industrial applications.

"a" section( from 1 groove to 5 grooves)
Size in PCD(mm)
80 85 90 95 100 106 112 118 125 132 140 150 160 180 200 250 315 400 500 630

"b" section( from 1 groove to 6 grooves)
Size in PCD(mm)
125 132 140 150 160 170 180 190 200 212 224 236 250 280 315 355 400 500 630 800 1100

"c" section (from 2 grooves to 8 grooves)
Size in PCD(mm)
200 212 224 236 250 265 280 300 315 335 355 375 400 425 450 475 500 530 560 630 800 1000 1250
Pulley is often used for transmission power with long distance, such as output of small diesel engine power, farm vehicle, tractor, car, mining equipment, processing equipment, textile machinery, packing machinery, lathe, forging machine, small horsepower motorcycle's powertrain, transmission of agricultural machinery, air compressor, reducer, dynamo, cotton ginning machine and so on.

4.Our factory
Our products are produced according to to ISO, European and American standard. Our pulleys production exceed 1 million PCS per year and taper bushes around 1 million PCS per year. we can produce a wide range of special transmission parts according to the customers` drawings. Our products are exported to global markets.
We have efficient and flexible management system, advance equipment and technology,perfect system for quality control.
Our products are all packed in playwood cases to ensure zero damage. If customers have specific requirements for the packaging, we will gladly accommodate. The products will be sent to you within 30 days and we will arrange everything from the initial consultation to the delivery of your chosen port anywhere the world.
1).Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
We are a professional manufacturer with over 15 years’ export experience for designing and producing vehicle machinery parts.
2).How can I get some samples?
If you need, we are glad to offer you samples for free, but the new clients are expected to pay the courier cost, and the charge will be deducted from the payment for formal order.
3).Can you make casting according to our drawing?
Yes, we can make casting according to your drawing, 2D drawing, or 3D cad model. If the 3D cad model can be supplied, the development of the tooling can be more efficient. But without 3D, based on 2D drawing we can still make the samples properly approved.
4).Can you make casting based on our samples?
Yes, we can make measurement based on your samples to make drawings for tooling making.
5).What’s your quality control device in house?
We have spectrometer in house to monitor the chemical property, tensile test machine to control the mechanical property and UT Sonic as NDT checking method to control the casting detect under the surface of casting.Pulley manufacturers
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